The Heyde's MODAPTS book, first published in 2001, is a fully revised presentation of the original MODAPTS Plus manual. It is intended for both people unfamiliar with MODAPTS and for experienced practitioners who need a clear reference.

MODAPTS can be learnt and applied by a dedicated person on their own using this book. The more common and easier way is to use the book as part of a MODAPTS training program, led by an experienced MODAPTS practitioner. Training programs are offered in a number of countries.


The following sample pages of the book are available: contents (1), contents (2), author details and preface, element sample (1), element sample (2) , element sample (3).

There were two versions of the book, one burst bound (with a spine) ISBN 0-9596597-4-9 and the other with a wiro or spiral binding ISBN 0-9596597-5-7. There was more demand for the version with the spiral binding, as it is easier to use as a training manual, and this is now the only version in stock.

Single copies of the book are available from Gleebooks in Sydney, Australia.
They can be ordered online or ordered by phone. The cost is A$66 plus postage in Australia or A$60 plus postage to other parts of the world.

Multiple copies (5 copies or over) can be ordered at a 40% discount rate from the publisher, Heyde Dynamics Pty Ltd.

Cost per book from Heyde Dynamics:

For orders of 5 or more or orders to bookshops or library suppliers: A$36 plus postage for international orders, A$39.60 (includes GST) pluys postage within Australia.

Contact Heyde Dynamics at:


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